Living in Ancient Greece!

On Tuesday 24th April Years 4 and 5 went 2500 years back in time and had a real life experience of Ancient Greece! Actors from The Rainbow Theatre Company in London delivered a ninety minute workshop in which children met an Ancient Greek couple, acted out scenes inside the home of a successful merchant, paid a visit to the Agora (market) and took part in performances of three well known Greek myths. Well done to the children from both year groups for having the courage to get into role and perform – teachers were very impressed by how you all responded to the theatre of the occasion!


Finally, Tutan-carp-mun is mummified!

It has taken some time and Year 3 have been extremely patient but we have now, officially, mummified Tutan-carp-mun! He is now ready for the final burial ceremony in his very own (soon to be erected) fish-cophagus and, we hope, fish sized pyramid!

No, we didn’t wash him with waters from the Nile River nor did we paint his beautiful fish-face in traditional egyptian style (eyeliner and all, too bad) but Tutan-carp-mun looked particularly regal in his final moments before we wrapped him tight and safe in linen strips ready for his journey to the Afterlife!

Here are a few photos of the process that 3KG and 3LW have been learning about so diligently!

The ingredients

Removing the organs!

After being salted and dried for 3/4 weeks!

Everyone having FUN!

Well, maybe not EVERYONE…

Farewell, Tutan-carp-mun!

The finished mini-mummy!


Stubbington Day 4

Another action-filled day at Stubbington ….

Starting with a trip to the beach, where children collected living creatures for rock pools and searched for fossils before taking part in a sandcastle building competition.

Back for a filling lunch of Macaroni cheese, filled rolls or sausage rolls.

An afternoon of adventure, with an unexpected earthquake leaving Stubbington villagers stranded. In small rescue teams the children had to negotiate a number of obstacles in order to penetrate the disaster area and rescue survivors.

Delicious fishcakes, pizza or curry for dinner before the Great Performances. Children performed a song they had been practising in their house teams. Well done to everyone for a fantastic evening of entertainment at the S Factor!


Teamwork in action. As part of the Earthquake challenge, children had to transport themselves and a number of rescue items through a series of obstacles.

Olivia shows how it’s done.

Fifi takes courage before the leap of faith!

Coolly done. Sophie safely across.

Archie’s group find something interesting.

Sophia examines Albie’s find.

The Searchers. Children scour the beach for fossils and living creatures to put into their rock pools.

Pride in victory.

Performance time

Mr Scarborough introduces his friend, Mr Fox.

Stubbington Day 3

Another wonderful day at Stubbington. Glorious sunshine from start to finish!

Children started by retrieving their mammal hotels to find three mice and two voles! They then measured, weighed and identified them before doing some sketching and annotating.

In the afternoon it was time for the eggshell challenge. In small teams the children had to earn tokens by completing a number of tricky challenges. They then used these to purchase materials for building a capsule to protect their egg. At the end of the session the effectiveness of the capsules was tested using a catapault!

Another delicious lunch of jacket potato, filled rolls or fishfingers, followed by yoghurt/fresh fruit or iced sponge cake. Sumptuous dinner of sausages, cheese pasty or Spaghetti Bolognaise followed by Angel Delight or Chocolate Sponge.

Worn out and ready to sleep ….

Heading back with the mammal hotel. Something is in there, because the door has closed!

Something is definitely inside the boys’ hotel!

Laying out the pipes. How best to use them? Another taxing problem to solve.

A tricky problem involving a river, a farmer, a fox, a chicken and some grain.

Grace has an important job here: close the lid quickly! Good job, Grace.

Fabulous Friday Everybody 26.01.2018

This week has been a fabulous week and everyone has worked so hard, so much so it was tricky to decide on who should be Golden Child and Learning Power child. Those who have learnt well all week include: Abigail Webber, Faith Target-Ince, Cody Bowers, Marie Warner, Micheal Wicks, Alex Cumber, Robert Dent and Kelsi Gauge. The people that are golden through and through are Niall Moss, Oscar Mellers, Ellie Penton, Loshi Allen, Daisy Charlesworth, Darcie Stafford, Ben Sutcliffe, and Emilia Patterson. Well done Gomer for another fabulous week. Keep it up!

After all the awesome work that has been going round Gomer the most active class of this week is 5MD!
Also, to add to all of this, the team who won the house point cup this week was GREEN HOUSE!