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Fabulous Friday Everybody 26.01.2018

This week has been a fabulous week and everyone has worked so hard, so much so it was tricky to decide on who should be Golden Child and Learning Power child. Those who have learnt well all week include: Abigail Webber, Faith Target-Ince, Cody Bowers, Marie Warner, Micheal Wicks, Alex Cumber, Robert Dent and Kelsi Gauge. The people that are golden through and through are Niall Moss, Oscar Mellers, Ellie Penton, Loshi Allen, Daisy Charlesworth, Darcie Stafford, Ben Sutcliffe, and Emilia Patterson. Well done Gomer for another fabulous week. Keep it up!

After all the awesome work that has been going round Gomer the most active class of this week is 5MD!
Also, to add to all of this, the team who won the house point cup this week was GREEN HOUSE!