Big Write Winner (week 5) – Albie Duff

Congratulations to our Big Write Winner this week, Albie Duff of 4MW. Inspired by a short film entitled ‘The Dream Giver’, Albie used the power of creativity to write poetry presented as regular narrative. Wonderful stuff, Mr Duff!


Once upon a time on a steep, small hill, there was a little fairy on a windowsill. He had managed to creep into a little boy’s house. It was perched beside a large field of cows. The dream giver was the minute fairy’s name. There would never be a creature that would be the same. He reached his massive bag and grabbed a golden egg. It was hard for him to carry as it was bigger than his leg! The child on the fairy’s list was a little boy called Dean. The dream giver cracked open the egg and gave him a good dream. There was a magic liquid more mysterious than Mars. It touched his diecast Ford and gave him dreams about cars. The next house belonged to a naughty little boy yet he was spoilt with almost every toy! He gave him a nightmare about a zombie attack! All the vile monsters were starting to grab his back. He tossed and turned as they started to bite. This is how he spent all of his night. This is what he does all his life. So behave or go through this strife…

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