Year 6 Tunneling Adventures

6VH and 6MW have been exploring the indoors! They have set up tunnels using tables, mats, crash mats, covers and benches to create a maze of tunnels and caves. Each class is divided into 3 groups and everyone had to work on their Foundations of Learning by using skills like Collaboration, Self Awareness and Resilience. Miss Holden then made Year 6 carry equipment through the tunnels and even getting the whole team through whilst holding a large skipping rope. We have really enjoyed it as these photos will show you.

“This activity is so fun, it has really helped my collaboration.”

The Foundations of Learning

The Big Write Winner (27/3/17): Owen 6MW

A big well done to Owen from 6MW who is this week’s Big Write winner! Congratulations are due because of your fantastic poem inspired by the short film ‘Lumi’ which told the tale of an alien creature exploring a planet.

[Picture due tomorrow]


Lumi by Owen (6MW)

Lumi, in the moonlight,

Chasing butterflies,

Chasing not catching.

Giving up – no an orange blob,

Blob flittering,

Lumi staring emptily,

The moon looks on!


Today, not a normal moon,

Shadows sprouting speedily,

From the confused ground.

Darkness paints itself across the moon,

Concealing light,

Creation darkness.

Y6 South Africa Extravaganza!

Listening to some African rhythms, Y6 presented a range of work throughout the afternoon. Nbelede Huts, Tingatinga paintings and creative writing were amongst the activities on offer. The most challenging activity was certainly the quiz about Nelson Mandela!

With thanks to Mrs Gardner, over wonderful cover supervisor, the children had learnt an African drumming rhythm and ‘repeat it back’ song –

Leader: Kye Kye Kule (chay chay koo-lay)
Chorus: Kye Kye Kule

Leader: Kye Kye Kofinsa (chay chay koh-feen sah)
Chorus: Kye Kye Kofisa

Leader: Kofisa Langa (Koh-fee sah lahn-gah)
Chorus: Kofisa Langa

Leader: Kaka Shilanga (Kah-kah shee lahn-gah)
Chrous: Kaka Shilanga

Leader: Kum Aden Nde (koom ah-dehn day)
Chorus: Kum Aden Nde

Leader: Kum Aden Nde (koom ah-dehn day)
Chorus: Kum Aden Nde, HEY!

This certainly got people’s feet tapping and some even joined in the drumming and singing!

Thank you for all of the adults who could make the exhibition; we loved having you all with us.

Red ‘Run’ Nose Day sprinted to £295!

Image result for red nose day 2017 sloganSt Vincent’s College kindly arranged a local fun run, where they ran to lots of schools, including ours – Gomer Junior School.
Y3 – “We had such fun running around – I hope we raised lots of money'”
Throughout the week, we have learnt about the history of Red Nose Day and have watched videos to see how our fundraising money gets spent. St Vincent’s College delivered an assembly to teach us a dance to perform at the end of our fun run. 
Y4 – “It was so funny running with a horse!”
Dressed in many red accessories, including a few inflatable horses too, we ran together around the school field to pumping, motivational music before performing the ‘Red Dance’ on the school playground with all of our students and staff. This is when St Vincent packed away and ran off to complete the same run and dance at another school. They will definitely sleep well tonight!
Y5 – ” We should have cake everyday!”
In addition to the ‘Red Run’ We are just about to set up for another cake stall at lunch helping to raise even more money for members of Y5 and Y6 arranged a cake stall. Lots of delicious cakes were provided – THANK YOU!
Y6 – ” I hope our money goes towards helping children. We are very lucky to have clean water and an education.”
The final amount of £295 from Gomer Junior will be added to St Vincent’s College and all the other schools that participated to contribute towards making an amazing difference to lots of people’s lives.
Thank you so much for the support!