BikeIt! Club

Bike club continues to keep rolling! And in the cold too – wrapped up children manage very well. Last week, after checking each other’s and their own helmets (by doing the upside down test!), the children headed out onto their bikes. A quick safety check highlighted a few issues: one bike had a flat tyre, two needed seats raising, one needed brakes adjusting and one needed the chain putting back on!

image2 (1)

So, a busy start for Mrs Bottriell while Mr Watson had the children out and about on their bikes and how to use their brakes correctly. Luckily the chain was a quick easy fix and the pupil was back on their bike in no time. Just as Mrs Bottriell was pumping the tyre up Bikeit! Ray appeared. Thank goodness and he had the tools for the other jobs! Tyre and seats fixed, left one child still unable to ride his bike. Ashton was keen to learn and although he missed out on quite a bit of the cycling today, he has gone away with a new knowledge of stripping and replacing the brakes on his bike.


Thank you Mr Watson and Bikeit! Ray for your continued help with BikeIt! Club. All children have gone home happy, having learnt new skills.