E-Safety and Newsround.

Good Morning Gomer!

I have just found a really great clip on Newsround, our favourite news program from the BBC, which shows us some of the dangers you could face if you are not careful on the internet.

As Mrs Mulhall told you all on Monday, the internet can be a pretty fantastic tool to help us in our learning and just to have fun on. Many of you play online games and use the internet to find things out. This is how it should be. Children should be able to use the internet and enjoy all it has to offer safely and securely without fear of getting into trouble or seeing inappropriate images and stories.

This Newsround clip, which is about 15 minutes long, tells the story of Lost Princess and her experience of using a chatroom on the internet. David Tenant (yes, Doctor Who for those in the know) narrates the story which is entirely fictional but has been created with ideas taken from lots of different real-life situations. The clip also has lots of tips on how to stay safe online and what to do if you think you might not be.

I’d definitely give it a watch, it’s bright and bold and who doesn’t want to be taught some internet safety tips by Doctor Who? If you have a spare quarter of an hour, please pop over to the link below to watch!


Have a great day!

Mrs Garland 🙂