E-Safety Week @ Gomer!

Today is the start of Gomer Junior School’s E-Safety awareness week where our children will be encouraged to explore the meaning of digital safety and responsibility.

Staying safe in an online world is increasingly difficult if children aren’t given the tools, resources and confidence to deal with certain and usual situations. Online gaming with Playstation and Xbox is part of daily life. Social media platforms such as Facebook are the new social circles. Instagram and SnapChat form the new photo albums for documenting one’s every move.

The list of online and internet based goodies is endless and, used responsibly, they can bring the world to our door. At Gomer, we value the internet’s flexibility and adventure but know we also have to educate our children, keeping them informed and confident users.

We also have a short survey children can complete to help the school gain a better picture of the use of technology and the internet at home. Please see- https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/WDTSVCP to complete the survey!