Finally, Tutan-carp-mun is mummified!

It has taken some time and Year 3 have been extremely patient but we have now, officially, mummified Tutan-carp-mun! He is now ready for the final burial ceremony in his very own (soon to be erected) fish-cophagus and, we hope, fish sized pyramid!

No, we didn’t wash him with waters from the Nile River nor did we paint his beautiful fish-face in traditional egyptian style (eyeliner and all, too bad) but Tutan-carp-mun looked particularly regal in his final moments before we wrapped him tight and safe in linen strips ready for his journey to the Afterlife!

Here are a few photos of the process that 3KG and 3LW have been learning about so diligently!

The ingredients

Removing the organs!

After being salted and dried for 3/4 weeks!

Everyone having FUN!

Well, maybe not EVERYONE…

Farewell, Tutan-carp-mun!

The finished mini-mummy!


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