Stubbington Day 3

Another wonderful day at Stubbington. Glorious sunshine from start to finish!

Children started by retrieving their mammal hotels to find three mice and two voles! They then measured, weighed and identified them before doing some sketching and annotating.

In the afternoon it was time for the eggshell challenge. In small teams the children had to earn tokens by completing a number of tricky challenges. They then used these to purchase materials for building a capsule to protect their egg. At the end of the session the effectiveness of the capsules was tested using a catapault!

Another delicious lunch of jacket potato, filled rolls or fishfingers, followed by yoghurt/fresh fruit or iced sponge cake. Sumptuous dinner of sausages, cheese pasty or Spaghetti Bolognaise followed by Angel Delight or Chocolate Sponge.

Worn out and ready to sleep ….

Heading back with the mammal hotel. Something is in there, because the door has closed!

Something is definitely inside the boys’ hotel!

Laying out the pipes. How best to use them? Another taxing problem to solve.

A tricky problem involving a river, a farmer, a fox, a chicken and some grain.

Grace has an important job here: close the lid quickly! Good job, Grace.

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