Stubbington Day 4

Another action-filled day at Stubbington ….

Starting with a trip to the beach, where children collected living creatures for rock pools and searched for fossils before taking part in a sandcastle building competition.

Back for a filling lunch of Macaroni cheese, filled rolls or sausage rolls.

An afternoon of adventure, with an unexpected earthquake leaving Stubbington villagers stranded. In small rescue teams the children had to negotiate a number of obstacles in order to penetrate the disaster area and rescue survivors.

Delicious fishcakes, pizza or curry for dinner before the Great Performances. Children performed a song they had been practising in their house teams. Well done to everyone for a fantastic evening of entertainment at the S Factor!


Teamwork in action. As part of the Earthquake challenge, children had to transport themselves and a number of rescue items through a series of obstacles.

Olivia shows how it’s done.

Fifi takes courage before the leap of faith!

Coolly done. Sophie safely across.

Archie’s group find something interesting.

Sophia examines Albie’s find.

The Searchers. Children scour the beach for fossils and living creatures to put into their rock pools.

Pride in victory.

Performance time

Mr Scarborough introduces his friend, Mr Fox.

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