Stubbington Day 5

Today the children woke with a sense of excitement in the air – they would get to go home and see their special adults. Breakfast was up to its usual standard and room inspections completed for the final time. Lots of the rooms scored the perfect 5 for over night sleeping, with all making lots and lots of improvements. All that practise was worth it.

It was then time for Mrs Toone’s favourite activity for the week – Stubbington Fox. This involved the children running round as foxes whilst some of the adults became farmers and attempted to chase them off their land. If they were caught then they had the Stubbington Fox stamp marked on them. After lots of giggling, running and screaming with laughter the children reconvened in the Round House to see how many questions they got right.

Back to the rooms to pack and through excellent teamwork, they were packed and out to play with 30 minutes to spare. Even more pleasing was that we had only had two jumpers unclaimed (they are now in school if they are yours).

A final lunch before collection. Thank you to everyone who helped ease the traffic on that road.

Gomer Yr5 you should be exceptionally proud of yourself. You were superb this week – well mannered, well behaved and delivered our Gomer values by the bucket full. Each and everyone of you challenged yourself to use the learning powers, surpassing your own expectations. The Stubbington staff were very complimentary about you and all the staff felt exceptionally lucky to have had this opportunity to spend such quality time with you.

Have an amazing week off and we look forward to seeing you all on Tuesday 1st November.

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      She was an absolute pleasure – along with all the children

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