Stubbington Study Centre Day 2

The day started bright and early for many of the children who are determined not to waste a single minute of their time here! By 9:00, we were up and dressed, teeth cleaned, bedrooms tidied, breakfast eaten and ready for the start of the day. Breakfast was a delight to the system – sausages, bacon, beans, hash browns, cereal and toast – the choice was endless. Room inspection was more of a shock to the system – yes we really did mean that clothes had to be folded, beds had to made to army issue standards and rubbish did have to be picked up off the floor. Mr Scarborough will send back 58 tidy children! He was exceptionally impressed with the young man who had hangers for his trousers.

5ST then time travelled 3000 years back to Celtic times. They were visited by a druid from that time who told them all about Celtic life before challenging another tribe to a dual as their sheep had been stolen – it transpired all was not as it seemed.

5GS faced the Eggtreme challenge. As groups they needed to protect an egg from becoming damaged but they soon learnt that once again things were not all as they seemed. It quickly became apparent that Teamwork was the aim of the day and the egg was just a way of achieving this.

This afternoon, both classes looked for tracks and signs of local animals before creating a 5 star hotel for the mammals that they thought might want to visit them tonight. Tomorrow we will be able to find out who has decided to stay.

House challenges, song practise and dinner before several rounds of outside games. The final game saw every part of their teamwork and collaboration skills being used by becoming a continuous circle of human chairs – it was not quite achieved but we definitely had fun trying.

Wildlife photos followed by supper are rounding the evening off and then a special treat for the children before bed. Hopefully, we will have some exciting information to share about that tomorrow.

All in all, 58 exceptionally happy and, hopefully, worn out tired children.

2 thoughts on “Stubbington Study Centre Day 2

  1. Rachel Webber

    Thank you for the great blog. Can’t wait to see if I get a tidy child back. That would be a miracle. Sounds like they are all having a Fantastic time. Thank you to all the staff.

  2. Jo Currass

    Another fantastic day. Just love reading the blog as I know when Harry gets hoe I will not hear about half the things he got up too. But now I can discuss in more detail. Thank you.

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