The Big Write Winner (13/3/17): Isabelle 3LW

The Big Write is back! Every week, all pupils at Gomer Junior School are given the opportunity to write in a style and genre of their choosing, inspired by the week’s stimulus. This week’s video was called “Catch a Lot” and involved a treacherous fishing trip for two sailors. A huge well done to Isabelle from 3LW who is this week’s winner. Mr Woolway (our literacy leader) and everyone else at Gomer Junior School has been amazed by your creative endeavour. Well done!

The Big Write – Isabelle 3LW

“Catch a Lot”

One day in a vast ocean far from land was a miniature rowing boat was out in calm weather, with beautiful skies. There was two people on the boat, it was a father and a son out going to catch large vicious whales. They had been searching for hours and still no whales.

After a while, some mist was coming up from the waters surface. Just as it was closing in, without warning a fountain of water erupted from just under the top of the sea. The father was red with rage like his large fluffy eyebrows. They’re just like caterpillars sitting above his beady eyes. The father rushed over to the edge of the old boat with his spear he uses for spear fishing. Could the water that erupted from the surface be what he’s looking for?

Suddenly the beautiful clear sky turned into a dark glum sky. There was a strange eerie noise coming from the sea. He shook his son in fury then sighed because he knew what his son wanted. Then the seagull got confused because a great enormous eye appeared from the mad sea and made the seagull by accident without realising. It was all up to the son to save his beloved father from something dangerous. So he got an oil light and looked but then his father climbed angrily onto the boat. The whale went back into the water didn’t come back out.

So they got pulled onto a wave it was like a roller-coaster. Would it ever stop? They got to the top and they saw the jaws of the whale. The father grabbed the spear but they all fell into the whale’s throat and died. The sea shivered in the wild wind.