Y6 South Africa Extravaganza!

Listening to some African rhythms, Y6 presented a range of work throughout the afternoon. Nbelede Huts, Tingatinga paintings and creative writing were amongst the activities on offer. The most challenging activity was certainly the quiz about Nelson Mandela!

With thanks to Mrs Gardner, over wonderful cover supervisor, the children had learnt an African drumming rhythm and ‘repeat it back’ song –

Leader: Kye Kye Kule (chay chay koo-lay)
Chorus: Kye Kye Kule

Leader: Kye Kye Kofinsa (chay chay koh-feen sah)
Chorus: Kye Kye Kofisa

Leader: Kofisa Langa (Koh-fee sah lahn-gah)
Chorus: Kofisa Langa

Leader: Kaka Shilanga (Kah-kah shee lahn-gah)
Chrous: Kaka Shilanga

Leader: Kum Aden Nde (koom ah-dehn day)
Chorus: Kum Aden Nde

Leader: Kum Aden Nde (koom ah-dehn day)
Chorus: Kum Aden Nde, HEY!

This certainly got people’s feet tapping and some even joined in the drumming and singing!

Thank you for all of the adults who could make the exhibition; we loved having you all with us.