Year 5 Discover Different Ways To Have A Bright Future

Yesterday afternoon (Tuesday 1st February), Year 5 were luckily enough to welcome four professionals into their classrooms. The professionals had come to visit to take part in a game of ‘Guess My Job’. They spent the next hour being interrogated by groups of 15 children who were trying to work out what each of the adults did for a leaving. Initially, only closed questions were allowed – the children were quick to grasp that only those questions that allowed a yes or no would be answered and soon tailored their questions accordingly. Some of the professionals brought props which could have helped the children solve the mystery, however, these props also caused some confusion. The bible did not mean Bev worked in a church.

As the afternoon progressed, the children heard all of the different adults speak and learnt about them being a divorce solicitor, a barrister, a human resource director and a project manager from BAE. They learnt about the different entries into the job and what these people viewed was the most important skills for their job. The professionals told the children that working hard was the important aspect to succeed in a career and that they all wished they had a chance to travel more.

The children learnt a lot about careers which they never knew existed and maybe one day we will be seeing some of children enter into these careers. Feedback from the adults found the Gomer children to be exceptionally polite, inquisitive and respectful. In return, the children found the adults to be most informative and engaging and especially loved hearing about their most embarrassing days at work. We are not sure if the skirt catching fire or the monkey being treated as the son of a client was worse.

A big thank you to EBPsouth and BAE for making this superb event happen.